As a premier private investment management firm, EEEIG aims to catalyze capital flows through appropriate investment products and instruments using a combination of management, financial and operational skills to provide superior returns to investors.

EEEIG's current investment opportunity is set by the following factors:

  • Emerging market population and economic growth is increasing demand for new infrastructure, which is “in tune” with economic, environmental, and physical realities; the aging infrastructure in the developed markets is in a state of disrepair requiring huge inflows of risk-capital to maintain standards of living and productivity growth.
  • Rising incomes and living standards, combined with the emergence of a growing middle class in major emerging markets of Asia, Latin America and Africa, will increase demand for goods and services that contribute to a cleaner and a healthier life style.
  • Concern over global warming and energy security, especially in the US, is driving huge VC inflows into the development of innovative technologies, which will likely contribute to “smarter” ways to produce and consume energy, as well as to rapidly deploy of new energy technologies in emerging markets. Widespread acceptance of links between air and water pollution and its effects on human health is fostering an increased demand for goods and services that take long-term human health and social cost into consideration.
  • Solutions to climate change are likely to play a major role in emerging and developed energy markets by providing opportunities to diffuse new business models and investment ideas across national boundaries; rich countries will provide technology and capital to the less developed countries to address the global climate-change problem.