About Emerging Energy & Environment

Emerging Energy & Environment Investment Group (EEEIG) is an alternative investment platform established to capitalize on the opportunities resulting from a confluence of global trends in energy, infrastructure, and environment in the fast growing markets and economies. Established as a family of specialized funds and investment management research and services, EEEIG leverages its domain expertise and experience in its targeted sectors, geographies and investment products.

EEEIG’s vision is built on the investment and management track record of its team in project development, finance, operations, risk-assessment, new market entry, and asset-optimization.

EEEIG has a deep commitment to sustainable development and improving quality of life, which EEE realizes through investment allocations in clean alternative energy, renewable energy, clean-tech, infrastructure, and sustainable natural resource management. The EEEIG team employs a diverse set of financial, technical, and operational skills in managing its specialized funds.